Week 5

The Path of Beauty

Running Your Energy

Focusing on Beauty

Orgasm as Beauty Unfolding

Adornment as Ritual

Adornment is not just about making something more beautiful. In my view, it’s honoring and accentuating the beauty that is already within you. It is finding resonance in the outer world that expresses your inner beauty. Consider creating a ritual around adornment. Each morning tune into something that reminds you of your own beauty. It could be a piece of jewelry, a scent, a scarf, some sparkle on your eyelids, whatever you feel is a match to your true essence. And TAKE A PHOTO and post either here or on Facebook. We want to SEE and appreciate you!

Power of Smell

Books for this week

Monday Call November 11, 2019

Shining Your Soul Light

We have a very special guest speaker this evening, Nathalie Chapron. She is an extraordinary stylist, a French woman who has studied an exclusive system of color typing that works with over 30,000 colors, and a healer who leads expeditions to the caves of France where she receives transmissions from Mary Magdalene. I’ve worked with many color stylists before and her system has blown my mind. She helps people radiate their inner soul light out into the world making sure that what they are wearing doesn’t hide who they truly are. It’s a blessing to get to work with her and seemed perfect for this week’s subject matter!


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  • Jaynie Farnsworth

    Is the general meditation you’re referring to (where you allow your inner being to be the attractor of your experience), the binural beats meditation?

    • Bella Shing

      Yes, and there will be a moment where you will feel a release of your mind. You won’t be able to feel a difference between your nose and your toes, it’s like a blissful hum. Sometimes it feels like your Inner Being is breathing you. It can feel like a wave of well-being taking over. It’s distinctive.

  • Jaynie Farnsworth

    Great! Thank you for your prompt response! Sounds wonderful.

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