Week 7

This week – Happily Ever Now

Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine Integration

Ecology of Thriving

Please take out a piece of paper and write the answers to these questions below before you start your Ecology for Thriving Practice.

Key Indicators: What are 2 Key Indicators that you are thriving sexually?

Ecological Support:  What would you need to know to be absolutely true to allow yourself to have your two key indicators? 

High Vibration Emotions:  What would you feel if you had your two key indicators? 

Sex Magic for Identity

Books for this week


Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza
I recommend the audio version for the meditation aspects but the hardcopy for the visuals.


Monday Call November 25, 2019

Goddess Constellation – Morphic Fields of the Divine
Do you know how powerful you are?

Weekly Progress Tracker


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    im really interested in integrating my masculine and feminine. ive been on a deep dive within my self these last few years, with lots of feminine practices and such. and until a few weeks ago, i felt my inner masculine and how he’s got a stock pile of energy he is ready to use up. he like, come on! come on! come on already!! 🙂


    and now i am in a more grounded place where i feel like i have the courage and skills to navigate this kind of powerful energy without being overwhelmed

    • Bella Shing

      That’s huge. Yes, I’ve been working with my inner masculine a lot this last year as well. That energy for me, loves the power of physical activity, of moving forward with projects, confident outward movement. And can also be centered and at peace when at rest. It’s a fascinating upgrade from the masculine my father presented to me (command control, power and action often motivated through fear).


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