Week 3

This week – You Weren’t Born Yesterday

Soul Love

Pleasure vs. Power

Momentum of Identity

For those of you with an iphone, I highly recommend the app The Pattern

Here is a Great Personality Test created by master Enneagram and Constellation Practitioners Beth Meredith & Eric Storm.

Gene Keys is also a wonderful system that is a self-illumination resource. It’s astrology that has been mapped onto the I-Ching (Chinese Divination System) created by a man named Richard Rudd. This is a more involved system but the Gene Keys book is filled with lovely insights and can be used almost like a Tarot if you’re not interested in doing the whole course.

And the Astrologer I recommend is Rakesh Mishra

Subpersonality Upgrade

Ancestral Relation to Pleasure Change Practice

Breast Massage Video


Books for this week

Monday Call October 21, 2019

Identity for Increased Pleasure & Meet Your Ancestors

Monday calls are at 7 pm PST that will start on time. It will always be this same Zoom link below which you can access from a desktop or mobile phone.


Weekly Progress Tracker


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  • Jaynie Farnsworth

    Loved the breast massage, the ancestral relation to pleasure video and pleasure vs power video!

    • Bella Shing

      Yay! So glad to hear. And excited to share with you so many more pleasure practices!

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