Week 1

Introduction – The Most Important Soulmate

What is the Inner Being?

Inner Being Meditation 

Inner Being Meditation Sounds

Like I mentioned in the video above, white noise that doesn’t put you to sleep is the best.  Some people like the sound of rain, the air conditioner. I personally LOVE the sound of crickets and this track has a binaural beat which is programmed to put you into a deeper state of trance and connecting to Source.  You can read about how that works here: https://www.mindfithypnosis.com/about-binaural-beats/ 

If you don’t have Spotify, Youtube has a plethora of sounds as well

And if you don’t like crickets you may enjoy the sound of rain, air conditioner. Just type in binaural along with the sound you desire. Happy meditating!

Your Divine GPS


Take Your Inner Being Temperature


Your Magical ANS (aka Access Nirvana State)

Body Love Meditation Download

Books for this week

For this week, Ask and it is Given is the most relevant for establishing a spiritual context and mindset. You don’t need to read the entire Sexual Practices of the Quodoshka book, although you’ll definitely want to delve into it for all it’s rich information about lovers’ masks and different types of orgasms.  You may be interested however, in starting out by investigating what your genitalia type is, which you’ll find midway through the book. As for Vagina by Naomi Wolf, take your time in reading it. It will help give you the visual awareness, and data behind just how wondrous your anatomy is and exactly how it is that we can use our incredible bodies as vehicles to connect with the divine.

Ask and It is Given by Abraham-Hicks

Vagina by Naomi Wolf

The Sexual Practices of the Quodoshka by Amara Charles

October 7, 2019 Monday Call

Program Orientation & How to Harness Serendipity for a Magical Life!


We will have Monday calls at 7 pm PST that will start on time. It will always be this same Zoom link below which you can access from a desktop or mobile phone. It’d be great to have everyone see one another, so if you can get on video that would be wonderful. And I know that that realistically speaking this call will be at 4 am for those in Europe. The call will always be recorded and there is Q&A at the end. If you’d like to submit a question please do so in our Private Facebook Group or below in the comments section.


Weekly Progress Tracker


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    I’m soo excited to begin!! Thank you Bella for this magical journey we are beginning together.

    • Bella Shing

      So thrilled Brittany that you’re a part of this. You’re such a blissful master yourself so feeling blessed that we get to play together at this level!


    Hello sweet Bella and lovely ladies!

    Bella, can you please outline what “ideally” we are to practice weekly/daily?

  • Bella Shing

    Hi Leah!
    Ideally, the meditation at minimum first thing in the morning. I can’t emphasize enough its power, just to quiet the mind and allow your Inner Being to dominate for a couple of minutes even. And then the other practices will come in. I’d say if you can get one pleasure practice in on top of that a day you’re doing amazing especially with two young kids (some of the pleasure practices you can do while breast feeding. But I’d say for this week make getting the hang of this particular meditation the focus and see if you can get the ANS body love meditation in at least once so you get a feel for it.

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