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I often get asked about male instructors. Aaron Michael has a lovely video for thrusting technique that connects with the partner.


WANT TO LEARN A SIMPLE THRUSTING TECHNIQUE…that can help:1) Increase ejaculatory choice2) De-armor yourself and the receiver3) Boost intimacy4) Maintain an optimal anatomical link between both bodies during intercourse5) Open the flood gates to a spectrum of full body orgasmic states WANT TO LEARN HOW TO CO-ORDINATE THIS WITH THE REST OF YOUR BODY AND/OR ANOTHER’S?Join the workshop…Opening of The Sensual Feminine – The Gaia Method and come join Susanne Roursgaard, the team (Marco Jellema Maries Kouters Dieuwke van Duijn Sugandha Deva Stine Kjær Pilgaard Adam Beker) and me, Aaron Michael, for this one of a kind event.

Posted by Optimal Sex Life on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

John Wineland is lovely as well.

Click here for his website.

Higher Alignment Call with Katie Love

To get in touch with Katie you can go to her website here.

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