Learning to Embody Heaven on Earth

We are living in a time that many are calling the Great Awakening. It is a time of intense accelerated transformation, a breaking down of old paradigms and structures that no longer serve human evolution.

For many, the acceleration of connection to one another through social media and technology has brought about wonderful acceleration but also the magnification of stimuli. And depending on where your focus tends to be, this can be a magnification also of the awareness of the suffering of those around the world, rather than of all the positive aspects of expansion which the mind tends to discount.

This program offers a place to learn tools and practices that heighten your sensitivity to your own infinite guidance. It’s a place to learn how to cultivate an atmosphere of excitement and positive expectation rooted in a body that has been nourished by pleasure rather than fear. The result is nothing short of ecstatic communion with your Inner Being and magic as your day to day experience.

Manifesting the Beloved Program

An 8-week Blissipline Practice

Each week we will be addressing the mind, the emotions, and the body and how all three work with your Inner Being to co-create a life worthy of your birthright.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Have established a new baseline for your nervous system based on bliss
  • Find flow and serendipity to be the nature of how you create
  • Learn how to feel blissful and satisfied whether you are single or in a relationship
  • Watch as lifelong dreams start to translate into your experience
  • Know definitively what your Inner Being feels like
  • Experience the ineffable magic of life that thrills you and makes you so happy that you incarnated.

Week one: Foundations of Creation

The same physical laws that we experience on a day to day basis such as vibration, and momentum apply to the laws of creation. In this week,  we explore the vibrational nature of this Universe using your own life as the laboratory. As you get a refresher about the physics behind creation and how they relate to the law of attraction, you will learn the vibrational difference between inspiration and motivation, and the true power of Love as it affects the quality of your day to day life, as  well as what it takes to become a consistent vibrational match to the true power of your Soul. 

Week Two: Learning to Use Your Divine GPS

Are you using your Internal GPS?

Did you know that you came in with a super sensitive inner guidance mechanism that is connected to infinite intelligence, the most powerful of which is your emotion? People complain often that there isn’t a manual on how to live on planet earth. But that’s not true. Emotions are similar to the gas gauge on a car. They work as an indication mechanism as to whether or not you are going in a direction that is concurrent with your Soul’s expansive nature or against it.

Unfortunately, in modern culture we’ve learned that being “emotional” is a bad thing or that emotions are simply the result of one’s feelings. People are often afraid to feel at all for fear of feeling negative emotion or believe that negative and positive emotions are equal in nature. That would be akin to covering up the gas gauge on your car and getting out on the road.  It is only with the life-changing understanding that emotions are a result of a relationship between your body and the larger aspect of your Soul that they can be used as your most brilliant GPS system. In this week, you’ll learn how to use this information to guide you to everything you’ve been desiring.

Week Three: Establishing Trust with Your Soul

For many, resistance to the concept of being a spiritual being comes from early difficult experiences. How do you trust the divine when you have suffered and you see suffering in the world? Man-made structures around spirituality (aka religion) have also caused much trauma for people who have been persecuted, shunned, or controlled by various structures.

Here we shed notions of another being(s) having dominion over your own spiritual sovereignty.  If you’ve ever felt betrayed by people, life, Source, God whatever you want to call it, establishing trust with your Self is a crucial step to shifting your nervous system from fear based programming to one that is open to the possibility of an infinite loving consciousness. Once this is established, simple practices can provoke the awareness of one’s infinite nature and then an authentic communication with one’s larger non-physical Inner Being can be made conscious. What naturally unfolds is the possibility that one can create a life filled with love, abundance and a never-ending stream of satisfying, uplifting and beneficial experiences for yourself and all those whose lives you come into contact.

Week Four: What Are You Receiving

Have you ever woken up right before your alarm went off? Thought about someone and they called? Your connection to the Infinite is constant. When you are in a place of receptivity to your Inner Being, you can hear the impulses that are constantly being sent and then when you take action, the most satisfying and joyous experiences flow into your life. It can be beyond words magical. This week you will begin to strengthen deliberate receptivity to your Inner Being. However, the law of attraction works in both directions. For those people who have focused on traumatic experiences or simply given more airtime to negative thoughts and beliefs, the law of attraction compounds the momentum and with enough time, that can manifest as body pain and it can be harder and harder to hear the light, subtle impulses of one’s Inner Being (it doesn’t yell).  In this week we are deepening into practices that consecrate the body, decluttering self-sabotaging patterns and recalibrating your receptor sites to expect more pleasure than pain so that you can hear that soft and powerful inner voice more consistently. We will be playing with time, how to get it to work for you, rather than you for it. You’ll learn how to create handshakes with your future self. Who needs Hogwarts when you have your Inner Being?  

Week Five: Co-Creating Your Most Empowered Identity

We hear so much about how to affect change from the outside in. Diets, fitness programs, taking massive action, no pain no gain, just do it etc. etc. And while taking action is one of the most wonderful parts of being in a physical body, as you become more aware of the power of your body/mind connection you realize how futile it is to take action outside of alignment. This is the week where you deepen what a thriving INTERNAL ecosystem feels like with practices that engage all the senses. As you nourish from the inside out, you realize that the identity you create out in the world is more and more the TRUE you. What you are broadcasting when you are blended with your Inner Being is a kind of leverage that no action can replace and then you begin to realize how the Universe can handle complex creations with an elegance and grace that the human mind can’t begin to fathom.

Week Six: Allowing Momentum

It is natural as you allow more of your vibration to be dominated by your Inner Being that things start to accelerate. When you are in positive flow, this is the time to get more specific about your focus. This week, we clear any blocks to seeing the future and allowing an abundance of all good things to truly delight you. The various mind and body practices this week will engage all your senses, expanding your capacity for pleasure and becoming a match to what is vibrationally already held by your Inner Being and waiting for you.

Week Seven: Pleasure & Creation

There can be no real conversation about life purpose until we have worked with your nervous system to expect love rather than fear. It is only at this point in the program, where a true north is reestablished that feeling good = good that you can start to run more energy through the system in a truly empowered way. The practices this week teach how to use sexual energy for accelerated creation. Sex magic, when practiced without the previous understanding about focus, emotions and a relationship with your larger non-physical aspect of self, can simply aggravate and add momentum to unwanted creation.

Week Eight: Pleasure & Relating to Others

Relationship with others is THE place for the largest amount of personal growth. When seen this way, every interaction with another being can have immense value. Of course desiring to share love, connection, intimacy with a partner is wonderful. As you have been cultivating your primary connection to Source within, the interactions and partner(s) you attract will naturally be filled with love, respect, laughter, trust, and a whole lot of pleasure. That said, sometimes your Inner Being can call forth more challenging relationships for the direct purpose of helping you to evolve into the person you want to be. If you’ve ever admired someone like Oprah, or any leader in any industry, you’ll find that their lives are often filled with adversity that no one would admit they wanted.  Life will never cease to have contrast as this is THE engine that drives the eternal nature of this space/time reality. Knowing how to embrace this with RELISH is key to being able to expand with bliss rather than pain. 

Program Details

The program includes:

  • 8 weekly modules with video instruction, body practices that involve breath work, meditation, self-pleasuring (some of these are explicit practices which you can do in the privacy of your own home) and journaling. Each module is released a week at a time.
  • 8 weekly LIVE (online) workshops that accompany the coursework taught by Bella Shing. These live workshops involve group energy work (no explicit work will be done in group) as well as Q&A.
  • Private Facebook community – a private group filled with women who will be fanning the flames of your empowerment, creations and bliss.

The Program begins February 11, 2019
Investment for this course is $597
*payment plan available


For the first 10 women who enroll in the program they will receive an hour intuitive session with Bella valued at $500. Bella only works with a handful of clients personally each year. If you would prefer to work directly with Bella one-on-one you can learn more about her private coaching here.

“Bella is masterful at holding space for women. She creates a gorgeous container for emotional safety, sensual expression, sisterhood, unconditional love and healing. The time is now for women to go deep, connect, tell the truth, explore their pleasure and become more fully themselves. I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to receive from Bella’s amazing women’s work. Thank you Bella!” – Sage Lavine, Best Selling Hay House Author – “Women Rocking Business”


How much content is there?

There will be about 20-50 minutes of video each week, along with daily meditation practices and exercises for you to explore. This is a go at your own pace course, and each week is released the Sunday night before. You will get more out of it however if you participate and come on the live weekly calls for energy clearings, Q&A and community support!

When are the live calls and will they be recorded?

The Live calls are held on Monday night of each week 7 pm PST and go for an hour. They will be hosted on Zoom (you’ll be given a link to login by mobile or desktop). The call will be recorded but if you’d like to have your questions answered live you’ll need to be on the call.

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